Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our current food list :/

Right now my little guy's menu is consisting of mostly the same thing day in and day out... He is small for his age so I feel the need to keep the food coming in any way possible in order to get him to keep eating and gain a few pounds. These are not all on the same day but just examples of our menu so far.
Breakfast: pancakes, oatmeal, banana, pears, eggs with cheese
Snack: apple sauce, teething cookie, any leftover breakfast
Lunch: I haven't mentioned that we're in the Netherlands so we generally do the cold lunch of a sandwich of some sort. Bread with cheese, or cheese spread, sliced chicken or ham. Grilled cheese or homemade mac n' cheese.  Sometimes we will throw in the veggie of the day buy mostly this is saved for dinner
Snack: yogurt, cookie
Dinner: spaghetti, some sort of chicken, hamburger, potatoes, green beans, peas, zuchini, brocolli, and my husband and I have fruit which is now being shared with Jackson. Strawberries, mandarines, grapes. 

I'm sure there is more but this feels like what we have every week repeated. 

I'm searching for new recipes and won't even pretend I have come up with them on my own... I will try and always post where I have found the recipes as much as I can!!

I'm determined to try and start this week but we have visitors coming and a 1st birthday to celebrate :) so I will try and do my best to get things going! Until next time!

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