Sunday, April 22, 2012

Delicious Fruit Dip

I had this dip at a baby shower here in the Netherlands and had to make it again.  It is super easy with only 2 ingredients. My measurements to Americans are going to be a little off but I am going to try to be helpful so this is just as easy for you.

1 package of regular Philadelphia Cream Cheese (in the US an 8 oz package- here there is only one size)

1 jar of Fluff (in the US a jar of Marshmallow fluff about the size of a regular jar of peanut butter, I'm not exactly sure how big that is but the jar here looks identical to a PB jar)

Mix the entire contents of each together. Serve cool with strawberry, pineapple or your favorite fruit!  Delicious and super easy! What kid doesn't love to dip things :)

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  1. Ive also made it where I have added a hint of strawberry colors it red and makes it taste yummy too.